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Learn about building ADU in Solano County

Invest in your family and community

Supporting all of solano county

Building an ADU can be overwhelming. Our resources help you find inspiration, navigate the process, and build your ideal ADU.

SOLANO ADU is a collaborative effort of all the cities in the county and Solano County, led by the Solano County Planning Collaborative. These resources support all residents of Solano County through the process of building an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU).

Building an ADU is an investment in your property, your family, and your community

Housing Family

A home as you age

rental income


property investment

community support


The ADU Process

Getting Started

1-3 months (together with learning the rules and budgeting)

Getting started with an ADU project is what many feel is “the fun part” – you’ll think about your goals and the value an ADU will bring, look for design and layout inspiration, and start to figure out what works on your property.

Your To-Do List

Are you ready to ADU?

We have details and resources for every step of the process.

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